ICL $175,000 Settlement for Injured Worker Fall On The Job

Injury Compensation Law PC is happy to announce a $175,000 settlement for one of our top clients in Los Angeles. This Applicant fell at work causing serious injury to the back, hip, and shoulder that eventually led to surgery and multiple complications (including psychiatric, internal/gastrointestinal, and knee).

Defendant insurance tried their best to deny medical treatment, reduce future medical care provisions, and force the Applicant off medications and durable medical equipment in an attempt to save final settlement costs. Defendant even tried to send limited medicals (leaving out vital QME and other medical legal reports) to Independent Medical Review to try to uphold their improper Utilization Review denials. After forcing litigation on the issue, Defendant agreed to continue authorizaton for the treatment originally denied.

Using medical and settlement experts, Injury Compensation Law PC was able to obtain a large settlement for the Applicant that not only covers future medical care, but also limits the reduction of social security benefits! Thank you to all of our experts for the assistance resolving this claim!

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